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You can now purchase website Visitors from our website. These visitors are mainstream as well as targeted too. We have the following categories available.

1) Mainstream Visitors
2) USA Visitors
3) UK Visitors
4) European Visitors
5) English Speaking Visitors
6) Indian Visitors
7) Belguim Visitors
8) Canada Visitors
9) Australian Visitors

We accept Credit Cards/ Debit Cards & Alertpay Payment. All cards payment is through secured transaction using Alertpay Card Transaction Module. These can be purchased directly from All Traffics are subject to the Terms & Conditions laid down by us, which can be seen at this page

For more options on traffic or for big orders you can call upon us at or us the contact form

Traffic is generated through the use of pop-under technology and is rotated across over 10000+ different websites. Also, traffic derives from our own network of Exit Exchanges, Expired Domains, Exit Pop-unders, Redirects, etc. These websites collectively receive tens of millions of visitors per day so you get maximum exposure by placing your site on this network. Traffic is also categorized if mentioned during the order in the instructions box. The moment a viewer clicks on ad, it will show as a unique IP. All traffic options are subject to Terms of Services.