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 The foremost step involved in dominating the search engines revolves around using the right kinds of keywords and phrases for your website. The main thing here is to avoid optimizing the main keyword in order to ward off competition and start with some long tails keyword phrases that are more potential and target specific. As such, it is suggested to do a thorough keyword research in order to build traffic and get a higher Google page ranking. Another important thing to remember here is the  page optimization that can give a huge boost to your website ranking.

 Applying top paying keywords in your website is quite similar to Search Engine Optimization. However, there are many differences as well. I have done in-depth research on the subject. On the basis of that research, I have marked the points you need to keep in mind while optimizing your website for maximum payouts through highest paying Adsense keywords. We will discuss how to apply top paying keywords as well as traffic pulling keywords to a web-page for maximum payouts and traffic.

 Experts suggest that the keywords selected for search engine optimization need to be blended beautifully to create a perfect title for the main web page. To follow it up, the main keywords should necessarily be placed on the top left and the bottom right of the web page in order to get Google recognition. Also, the keywords are required to be interspersed throughout the main page content and should preferably be in bold, italicized and underlined font for at least once.

 If you desire to find out which keyword of your site is most important you can send me a message with your website address what keyword you plan to monetize your website. We will analyze the site and give you your top 10 keywords that make in Top 1st Page of Google, Yahoo & Bing that when use with good combination can increase your Page Rank, however we do not guarantee that the same would happen as page ranking depends upon various things. Yes you can use the Google Keyword Tools Analysis but for your keywords you may get only few results and that too only for Google while we optimized the Keyword based on top three Search Engines. So the Ranking chances are more than 90%.

Our charge is only 15$ for the same for what can help you to earn more than 1000$. If you wish to find out with my help buy the Keyword Optimization Services from below.  All purchases of Need True Help is through secured of payment PayPal & Skrill (Moneybookers), so you do not have to worry about your cards misuse here at this site.

           Keyword Analysis - 15$


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