Need True Help - A complete Guide for Internet Needs

Choose the Product and Click on ADD TO CART, if you will redirected to the page as below. If you would like to continue shopping other products please click on CONTINUE SHOPPING else you can proceed as mentioned below.

If you do CONTINUE SHOPPING you will redirected to the website Page you were in. Then you can go to surf other pages & choose for other Products and then Click on ADD TO CART button and you will be again redirected to below page.

If after doing CONTINUE SHOPPING you want to proceed CHECKOUT, every page at Top has the option SECURED CHECKOUT, click on the button and you will be redirected to the shopping cart page as below. 


You have 3 options to choose, if you wish to change or remove the item, click on the QUANTITY & click button RECALCULATE at down. If you want to order more, click on the CONTINUE SHOPPING button. If you want to proceed with the current transaction, click on the GO TO PAYMENTS button.

At the Box PLEASE PUT YOUR WEBSITE ADDRESS HERE- Put your website/ blog address here and click on RECALCULATE



After you Click on GO TO PAYMENT, this page will appear  Fill out the billing information, then click CONTINUE.

Also check on accept TERMS OF SERVICES.

If desire check on below if you want cart to remember your billing information.  





This page will show you the details you had filled. Click on CONTIMUE button to go to the PAYMENT PAGE. 



You will be directed to the Credit Card Validation page. Enter your credit card/ debit card details or if you Alertpay Account you can fill that and click on the CONTINUE button or GO button . Wait for 15-30 seconds for your card details to be validated by our payment gateway, 

 If your transaction is successful, you will then see your transaction summary and an email confirmation from our Payment Processor & subsequently a email from us.