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The perks are tempting: mid-morning jogs, hours billed from a café in Paris or from your back porch, not needing permission to skip a day to take care of a sick child. But does it make sense for you to take the plunge into freelance life? Freelancing isn't easy or right for everyone, and it can take at least a year to get into the full swing of things.

First, you should consider whether freelancing is a buoy while you job search or whether you want to make a life of it. Your goals should guide your approach. Short-term freelancers should concentrate on getting as much work as soon as possible, while still making time for that job search. Freelancers with long-term aspirations, however, would be wise to proceed more carefully Freelancing If you have special talents, consider freelance work.

Freelancing isn't just for writers. Designers, programmers, business professionals, engineers and even administrative assistants will find opportunities. Many small sites list freelance opportunities. Some let you bid on projects for free. For more opportunities, try, & Expect to pay $100 or more for an annual membership. Some of the free websites are & As a freelancer, you won't have the security of a full-time job. Projects could be sporadic. You may spend more time finding work than working when you start out. But you set your own hourly or per-project rates.

Customer service If you're experienced in customer service, you can do this virtually. In addition to your own computer and a landline, you need a quiet environment. You can pick your own hours. You'll earn between $6 and $30 per hour. Try, or Transcription.

Have strong typing skills and a good command of the English language? Consider transcription work. Experience is required, and you must type 75 words per minute. Visit and

Tutoring If teaching is your passion, become an online tutor. You connect with students via online chat. Be prepared to take a rigorous test. Teaching experience may be required. Start by visiting or Expect to make $10 per hour.